NCL crew on Norwegian Joy and Gem to be vaccinated in Puerto Rico

Jun 04, 2021

Norwegian Cruise Line crew members onboard Norwegian Joy and Gem will receive vaccine against Covid-19 in Puerto Rico during the technical stops in June and July.

Norwegian Joy will dock in San Juan on June 19, to vaccinate around 1900 crew members currently on board. Norwegian Gem is scheduled to arrive on July 5, to vaccinate around 1500 crew.

All crew members will receive the one-shot Janssen vaccine by Johnson & Johnson's which was secured by NCL’s agreement with a national chain of pharmacies.

The crew vaccination was announced in a press release by the port authority in Puerto Rico, 

“Norwegian executives confirmed to us of the first long technical stops that the Joy and the Gem will make in San Juan Bay, between 10 and 15 days for each cruise ship. In addition to refueling and loading supplies during these stops, the crew members will take the opportunity to get vaccinated against COVID-19, as part of the cruise line's strict protocols in preparation for the resumption of cruise activity with crew and passengers vaccinated at the end this summer, "

The crew will be vaccinated at the dock by nurses and technicians from the pharmacy chain, and will not be able to leave the facility during their stay, informed the Port Director.

Norwegian Cruise Line agent in Puerto Rico, Bruno E. Calenda said that the crew are subjected to PCR tests and isolation.

 “Crewmembers will be tested for antigens before getting vaccinated, to make sure no one is infected. Norwegian is the only cruise company that is guaranteeing 100% vaccination of its crew and passengers on its cruise ships, ”said Calenda.