NCL’s Third Prima Class Ship To Be Named Norwegian Aqua?

Aug 15, 2023

The name of the Norwegian Cruise Line's third Prima class cruise ship could be Norwegian Aqua. The unexpected appearance of this name within the booking engine has ignited speculation among cruise enthusiasts.

While the official announcement is still pending from Norwegian Cruise Line, it's highly plausible that the upcoming addition, set to be delivered in 2025, could indeed be named as the "Norwegian Aqua."

The possibility of a name gaffe has been discounted, as records indicate that Norwegian Cruise Line has already laid claim to the trademark for "Norwegian Aqua." Norwegian Cruise Line secured trademarks for a series of names a few years ago, including "Norwegian Ultima," "Norwegian Luna," "Norwegian Viva," "Norwegian Bella," "Norwegian Vela," "Norwegian Prima," "Norwegian Ombra," "Norwegian Luna," and, significantly, "Norwegian Aqua." The first two Prima Class newbuilds, "Norwegian Prima" and "Norwegian Viva," have already been launched, reinforcing the likelihood that "Norwegian Aqua" is the next contender in line.

The anticipation surrounding "Norwegian Aqua" gains further momentum with insights into the upcoming vessel's specifications. The third Prima Class ship is scheduled for construction at the esteemed Fincantieri shipyard in Maghera, Italy. A noticeable enhancement is expected, with a projected growth of approximately 10 percent in terms of gross tonnage when compared to its predecessors, "Norwegian Prima" and "Norwegian Viva."

It is anticipated that the unveiling of "Norwegian Aqua" will take place in the coming months, offering a glimpse into the innovative features and unique adjustments that will set this vessel apart from its predecessors. With the delivery and commissioning of "Norwegian Aqua" slated for the first half of 2025, avid cruisers can eagerly await a new era of cruising under the banner of Norwegian Cruise Line's Prima Class.