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Princess Cruises global ambassador Gavin MacLeod 'Captain Stubing' dies

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Gavin MacLeod the beloved Captain Merrill Stubing on the hit show “The Love Boat” and Princess Cruises' global ambassador has passed away early Saturday morning at his home In Palm Desert, age 90. 

Princess Cruises released a statement this afternoon honoring MacLeod's legacy.

“It is with sadness felt to the depth of the oceans that we mourn the passing of actor Gavin MacLeod our beloved global ambassador, dearest friend and treasured member of the Princess Cruises family for more than 35 years. From his 10 seasons staring as Captain Merrill Stubing on the hit TV show “The Love Boat” (1977 to 1986) and for more than three decades following the show’s final season, Gavin enthusiastically shared his passion about the joys and adventures of exploring the world while cruising. He always reminded us that - like the popular TV series, “cruising gives people something to dream about.”

Mr. McLeod, became famous by incarnating Captain Stubing in the popular television series with phenomenal success, continuing for 10 seasons. With ships Pacific Princess and Island Princess the original floating stars of the show, “The Love Boat” was filmed aboard many Princess ships in exotic destinations around the globe.

Princess Cruises posted the following video celebrating the extraordinary life of Gavin MacLeod, whose passion and adventure will be deeply missed by all.


Gavin MacLeod officially became Princess Cruises’ global ambassador in 1986, appearing in many advertising campaigns and countless public and media appearances for the cruise line. His role for Princess continued until his passing. He was an enthusiastic fan of cruising while serving as the spokesperson for Princess Cruises for more than 35 years (1986-2021), making him the longest-serving celebrity spokesperson in brand partnership history.  “The Love Boat” cast together with Gavin MacLeod came together in 2014, to kick off the 50th anniversary of Princess Cruises by officially naming and christening the cruise ship Regal Princess.