Royal Caribbean Lifeguards Receive 5 STARS Aquatic Safety Award by Starguard Elite

Feb 21, 2022

This year Starguard Elite hosted its annual Conference for Aquatics Professionals aboard the Royal Caribbean International ship Independence of the Seas. At the conference, RCI Lifeguards were awarded 5 STAR standard for safety, the only cruise line to be awarded the highest standard for aquatic safety. 

Since 2017 Royal Caribbean have partnered with an external Aquatics Safety Company, Starguard Elite (SGE), to license its lifeguards onboard. Every year, SGE hosts a Conference for Aquatics Professionals, and this year it was hosted onboard Independence of the Seas. The conference was attended by 70 aquatics professionals from facilities all over the U.S. and other international partners, like Royal Caribbean. 

“The conference awards its partners to celebrate a year of aquatic safety. This year Royal Caribbean was the ONLY cruise line to be awarded the highest standard possible, 5 STARS! We are so proud of our lifeguard teams, who work hard every day, rain or shine. We thank them for their continued commitment to the safety of our guests on board.” RCI said.

 Photo credit: StarGuard ELITE