Seven Seas Navigator Crew In 14 Day Quarantine

May 23, 2020

About 450 crew members of the cruise ship Seven Seas Navigator docked at the port of Barcelona are quarantined after one crew member showed flu-like symptoms. According to the Spanish Ministry of Health, the ship arrived at the port of Barcelona on Thursday, and one female crew member with mild symptoms on board had been isolated.

El Mundo reports that in connection with the state of emergency introduced in Spain, cruise liners are forbidden to call at the ports, however, an exception was made for Seven Seas Navigator operated by Regent Seven Seas Cruises,

Spanish Ministry of Health said in a statement that the cruise ship requested to dock in the port of Barcelona, as well as that the Sanitary Maritime Declaration indicated that a crew member presented symptoms compatible with the virus. 

The German newspaper Stern received a statement from Regent Seven Seas spokesperson who said. "As part of an effort to bring crew members from Europe home, Seven Seas Navigator arrived in Barcelona on May 21 with about 450 crew members. PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests have been carried out since then and we are waiting for the results," said the spokesman. "We continue to work closely with the Ministry of Health in Madrid and will provide more details as we learn more."

The cruise ship Seven Seas Navigator arrived in Barcelona after a 13-day voyage across the Atlantic. Only crew members from different nations are on board, who have now been quarantined and cannot travel home.

According to a crew member on board Seven Seas Navigator, the health authorities tested the woman with flu-like symptoms at least 3 times, and all tests showed negative results for Covid-19.

“They made several tests on her, at least 3 test, the captain announced once he had the Spanish authorities results regarding the test that they are all negative”

"The news that came on the media on the first day of arrival in Barcelona was taken from port authorities from what they wrote there, instead of -suspicious- they wrote straight -1 COVID case” adds the crew member.

Now the plans for repatriation of the crew are postponed until the ship finishes the 14 quarantine.