Storylines Abandon Crew Sleeping Pods And Want to Hear New Ideas About Accommodations

Mar 08, 2021

The residential community at sea Storylines will not proceed with the idea of implementing sleeping pods for crew members after overwhelmingly negative responses to the survey.

“We received helpful feedback from the survey. Clearly, the response about pods was more negative than positive. We are testing out new ideas so the response was very helpful going forward. We are open to whatever crew cabin design or layout that best supports crew members. In addition, we will continue to have conversations over the next few weeks about ways to create a better life at sea for crew members. We will let you know if any ideas stem from our focus groups or if we decide to do another survey.” Storylines spokesperson said.

One week ago Storylines launched a survey targeted towards cruise ship crew members to gather feedback about creating crew spaces onboard the company’s first ship M/V Narrative, set to debut in 2023. The survey provided insight into how the accommodations might look like with sleeping pods instead of crew cabins. After many crew members fill out the online questionnaire and had a chance to raise their voices, now the survey is closed and not accepting additional responses. 

“Storylines will conduct a focus group this week about living arrangements onboard. Not pod-related, but we are excited to hear what crew members want. The pod idea was just to see the interest in the crew community. We are by no means attached to pods if that is not what crew members want.” added Storylines spokesperson.