Top 5 Funniest Dance Videos Performed by Crew Members

Jan 13, 2017

Here's the Ultimate funniest dance chart of all the best performances by crew members from different cruise lines while on duty. Hope you guys enjoy and lough on this videos, especially when you scroll down to the Number 1 spot on the funniest crew dance video.

  • Number 5
  • YMCA dance by the Royal Caribbean Crew

Check out this hilarious line dance performed by the Royal Caribbean waiters on the Village People song YMCA.

  • Number 4
  • Microbac Dance by the NCL Crew

Standing next to the sanitizer with microbac bottles in their hands these two Filipino crew members on Norwegian Escape made their own remake of FROZEN - Let It Go song to Wash your hands. Check out their singing and choreography.

  • Number 3
  • Pole Dance by Carnival Cruise Waitress

Carnival Inspiration waitress Svetlana, is one of the most fun waiters on the high seas! On this video she is dancing in the restaurant using column as a dancing pole.

  • Number 2
  • Oro Dance by the NCL Photo Department 

Oro is national folk dance of the Balkan region. It is funny when crew members from different countries (Rafael Escovedo from Brazil, Nicolas Quiroga Artesi from Argentina guided by Biljana Ciganovic from Bosnia) dance Oro in different costumes in front of the ship.

Billy's dance

I miss you guys! <3

Posted by Rafael Escovedo on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

  • Number 1
  • The Matador Dance by MSC Waiter

We place The Matador dance performed by the MSC Cruises waiter Fabio Ruggeri Forcione, on top of our list and if you watch it you will find out why. To be honest we haven’t seen dance like this anywhere else so we named this performance “The Matador Dance”

O garcon do ano ..


Posted by João Paulo Clemente Paulo on Saturday, May 18, 2013