TUI Cruises Postpones Restart of Mein Schiff 1 - Start Up Team Not Completed

Jul 21, 2020

TUI Cruises is canceling the announced restart of the cruise ship Mein Schiff 1, who was scheduled to resume cruises on July 31, according to the German media. The poplar cruise blog Schiffe und Kreuzfahrten reports that the reason for canceling the first “Blue Cruise” is because the company has a problem bringing back crew on board on time due to global travel restrictions.

“Due to the worldwide travel restrictions, the start-up team of Mein Schiff 1 is not yet completely on board. Therefore, contrary to the original planning, Mein Schiff 1 will sail from August 3, 2020. All booked guests of the "Blue Cruise" from July 31. We will inform you until August 3, 2020, and receive an attractive alternative offer to come on board.” announced TUI Cruises.

Earlier this month TUI Cruises announced that the cruise ship Mein Schiff 1 will sail three- and four-day "Blue Cruises" to nowhere departing from the Port of Kiel, on July 31. Reports suggest that the ship will sail on August 3rd if everything goes according to the plan.

The departure of Mein Schiff 2 from Hamburg is confirmed, and the ship will set sail on July 24, opening the summer season for Tui Cruises.