Video: Cruise Ship Lovers Share Both Sides of Their Story

Jan 08, 2018

There is no greater sacrifice then to leave your family, friends, and home to work 6 months abroad on a cruise ship. But what if you find your true soulmate on a cruise ship? Are you prepared to make more sacrifices? 

This is the story of Dindo and Kathleen who overcome the stigma of cruise-ship romances, and sacrifices they have made for each other. Dindo was working in the housekeeping department, Kathleen was an entertainer when they meet in Barbados on embarkation day. They fall in love instantly and started dating. When they realized they found their soulmate they decided to get off the ships and start a new life together. Dindo left everything back home in the Philippines to come to America and be with Kathleen.

Take a look at this beautiful video story produced by Jubilee Media thru their project “Both Sides of Their Love Story” sharing a truly powerful message of love and sacrifice of two people. I know many of the crew who found their true love on the seven seas will relate to this story.

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