Video: Mega container ship struck cruise ship in Hamburg

Mar 19, 2021

A colossal container ship struck berthed expedition cruise ship in Hamburg, Germany while leaving the port. The incident happen yesterday morning when the 150,853 Gross Tonnage cargo ship CSCL Star, struck the Hapag-Lloyd ship Hanseatic Inspiration, during a turning maneuver assisted by tugboats. The container ship came dangerously close to the cruise ship until a slight collision actually occurred at the end. A Major collision was avoided at the last second when a tugboat managed to pull the container ship to the port side.

Container ship sustained superficial damages and was permitted to continue sailing to the North sea. Hanseatic Inspiration probably sustained slight damage, but no details were released at this time.

A video of the collision was released on YouTube by MMR Publisher which is shot from the crew of one of the tugboats.