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Viking Cruises

Viking Cruises 2021 itineraries of the ocean-going cruise ship Viking Star with homeports and ports-of-call including dates and times. Find out where the ship is sailing and future vessel deployment at the exact date with arrival and departure times. The following monthly cruise ship calendar is updated frequently using the latest official itineraries released by Viking. You can also download a full year-round itinerary of the ship at the end of this page in a pdf format. This file is intended for the cruise ship crew, and their families back home to keep track of the ship’s itinerary. Please note that the pdf file is uploaded at the beginning of the year and there are no updates set for this cruise timetable format.

Viking Star Itinerary 2021

Copenhagen, Denmark - 09 Aug. - N/A
Ronne, Bornholm10 Aug. - N/A10 Aug. - N/A
Visby, Sweden11 Aug. - N/A11 Aug. - N/A
Tallinn, Estonia12 Aug. - N/A12 Aug. - N/A
St Petersburg, Russia13 Aug. - N/A15 Aug. - N/A
Stockholm, Sweden17 Aug. - N/A -
Stockholm, Sweden - 19 Aug. - N/A
Helsinki, Finland20 Aug. - N/A20 Aug. - N/A
St Petersburg, Russia21 Aug. - N/A22 Aug. - N/A
Tallinn, Estonia23 Aug. - N/A23 Aug. - N/A
Gdynia, Poland25 Aug. - N/A25 Aug. - N/A
Warnemunde, Germany26 Aug. - N/A26 Aug. - N/A
Copenhagen, Denmark27 Aug. - N/A27 Aug. - N/A
Aalborg, Denmark28 Aug. - N/A28 Aug. - N/A
Stavanger, Norway29 Aug. - N/A29 Aug. - N/A
Eidfjord, Norway30 Aug. - N/A30 Aug. - N/A
Bergen, Norway31 Aug. - N/A -
Bergen, Norway - 02 Sep. - N/A
Lerwick, Shetland Isles03 Sep. - N/A03 Sep. - N/A
Thorshavn, Faroe Islands04 Sep. - N/A04 Sep. - N/A
Reykjavik, Iceland06 Sep. - N/A06 Sep. - N/A
Nanortalik, Greenland08 Sep. - N/A08 Sep. - N/A
Qaqortoq, Greenland09 Sep. - N/A09 Sep. - N/A
L'Anse Aux Meadows, Canada11 Sep. - N/A11 Sep. - N/A
Saguenay, Quebec13 Sep. - N/A13 Sep. - N/A
Quebec City, Quebec14 Sep. - N/A14 Sep. - N/A
Montreal, Quebec15 Sep. - N/A -
Montreal, Quebec - 16 Sep. - N/A
Quebec City, Quebec17 Sep. - N/A17 Sep. - N/A
Saguenay, Quebec18 Sep. - N/A18 Sep. - N/A
Gaspe, Quebec20 Sep. - N/A20 Sep. - N/A
Halifax, Nova Scotia22 Sep. - N/A22 Sep. - N/A
Boston, Massachusetts24 Sep. - N/A25 Sep. - N/A
New York City, New York26 Sep. - N/A -
New York City, New York - 28 Sep. - N/A
Boston, Massachusetts29 Sep. - N/A30 Sep. - N/A
Halifax, Nova Scotia02 Oct. - N/A02 Oct. - N/A
Gaspe, Quebec04 Oct. - N/A04 Oct. - N/A
Saguenay, Quebec06 Oct. - N/A06 Oct. - N/A
Quebec City, Quebec07 Oct. - N/A07 Oct. - N/A
Montreal, Quebec08 Oct. - N/A -
Montreal, Quebec - 10 Oct. - N/A
Quebec City, Quebec11 Oct. - N/A11 Oct. - N/A
Saguenay, Quebec12 Oct. - N/A12 Oct. - N/A
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island14 Oct. - N/A14 Oct. - N/A
Saint John, New Brunswick17 Oct. - N/A17 Oct. - N/A
Bar Harbor, Maine18 Oct. - N/A18 Oct. - N/A
Portland, Maine19 Oct. - N/A19 Oct. - N/A
Newport, Rhode Island20 Oct. - N/A20 Oct. - N/A
Fort Lauderdale, Florida23 Oct. - N/A -

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  • Ship Statistics
  • Cruise line:  Viking Cruises
  • Double occupancy/max occupancy:  930 /
  • Year built:  2015
  • Tonnage:  47800
  • Length overall:  745ft (227m)
  • Beam:  95ft (28m)
  • Draught:  21ft (6.3m)
  • Cruising speed:  20 knots
  • Flag:  Norway
  • Class:  Star


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