What motivates you while working on a cruise ship?

Jul 25, 2023

We all have different kinds of motivation on the cruise ship. Generally speaking, motivation can be divided into a few different categories. There are four aspects of motivation to consider:

Intrinsic motivators

Intrinsic motivators are the intangible emotions and reasons that push you forward by offering internal rewards, uninfluenced by the outside environment. For example, you work hard because it gives you a feeling of satisfaction, pride, or self-respect. These motivators are highly effective and personal because they come from within.

Extrinsic motivators

Unlike intrinsic motivators, extrinsic motivators are rewards you receive from outside yourself. This is usually why most of the seaman feel motivated to receive the payroll. You work hard because of your environment, including healthy workplace competition. For example, extrinsic motivators may include praise from your supervisor, a monetary bonus, or public acknowledgment. These motivators are highly effective for individuals who desire tangible evidence of their hard work. Keep in mind all those factors if you are working in the supervisory role on the cruise ship.

Positive motivators

Positive reinforcement encourages hard work. You receive rewards for a job well done, whether intrinsic or extrinsic. A positive motivator reinforces positive behavior and motivates you to continue working hard to succeed. Some examples include feeling satisfaction, money, and recognition.

Negative motivators

Negative motivators can be intrinsic or extrinsic, similar to positive motivators. However, a negative motivator discourages poor behavior or effort by using a negative consequence to change your performance. Some examples include a fear of failure, inadequacy, pressure from others, and financial burdens.

All four types of motivators are continuously present in your life. Being aware of them on the cruise ship can encourage you to take an inventory of what motivates you the most to work hard.

Tips for staying motivated to work hard

Here are several constructive and impactful tips for staying motivated to work hard on the ship:

Start your day with your most important task.

Starting your day by completing the essential task is a great way to begin work. Every morning, analyze your to-do list and select the most impactful thing that needs doing regardless of anything else. Make this your primary task for completion. You'll feel accomplished and determined to continue when you cross that task off your list.

Begin with your end in mind; even in the cruise industry, that makes a huge difference.

Develop a clear vision of why you want to work hard. Beginning with your end goal in mind can motivate you to press on even when you feel tired, defeated, and uninspired. Maybe your "why" is to have incredible financial success, or it could be to climb to the top of your career ladder. Regardless of the reason, please write it down and look at it daily to keep you motivated.

Make a plan and set goals.

Once you identify what drives you, plan and set your goals. Specific provides a map of where you're going and how to get there. An outline allows you to analyze your progress; you can adjust the course if needed.

Setting goals is an integral part of making a plan. While your goal is the bigger picture, a plan details the steps required to progress. Creating SMART goals

is a brilliant, easy method to follow. The SMART acronym is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. Let's use the example of completing an online course in graphic design by the end of the year with an 80% average or higher.

Specific: Make your goal detailed and narrow to know what you are trying to achieve. The goal must specify achievements like what, when, where, and how.

Measurable: Make your goal measurable with tangible results so you know when you have reached it. In this example, you can measure your success by meeting your 80% grade goal and finishing the course by the end of the year.

Attainable: Make your goal realistic while still challenging yourself to succeed. Our example is likely because of the time you have given yourself and the grade you can confidently achieve.

Relevant: Make your goal pertinent to a larger purpose and long-term objective. In our example, you're taking a graphic design course because you want to move into that field and are developing the relevant skill set.

Time-based: Make your goal achievable within a specific time frame so that you can plan accordingly. In the example, you are completing your course by the end of the year, which is reasonable if the length of the course fits into that time frame.

Surround yourself with motivated people.

It is hard, but even on a cruise ship where we rarely choose our working environment, it is possible to surround ourselves with energetic, inspiring people. One of the best ways to stay motivated to work hard is to surround yourself with other motivated people. Remember that you adopt similar qualities from the five people you spend the most time with. If you want to work hard, spend more time with people that work hard too. They'll inspire you and push you forward, and you'll do the same for them.

Talk less and listen more.

Everyone on the cruise ship complains about the same things. They miss their families, don't like their bosses, and don't like their colleagues. Do not talk much; learn how to listen actively. When you talk, you only repeat the things you already know. A hard-working person knows they don't have all the answers. You can learn and develop skills and abilities by talking less and listening more. Active listening and asking well-directed questions can speed up your growth and learning potential. People love to talk about the things they know, so they develop good listening skills when surrounded by other motivated people.

Give yourself a breather.

Continuously staying motivated takes commitment, dedication, and willpower. However, you need to rest and give yourself a break along the way. Allowing yourself to take a breather now and then encourages you to stay energized and continue on. Giving yourself a break can also act as a motivator. For example, once you complete compiling a report, give yourself an evening off and go to the crew bar to take a break(if possible). Remember to be aware of your motivating factors and use downtime as a reward.

Take care of yourself.

When you're working hard, taking care of yourself is vital. Be aware that working hard can cause stress and burnout. Taking extra care of your physical, emotional, and mental health is essential. Eating well, staying hydrated, exercising, and getting enough rest are crucial aspects of your physical health. Take care of yourself while working on the cruise ship, and always look for a way to boost your emotional and mental well-being.

Have fun along the way.

Do not wait only to achieve your goals in life to be happy. I know you have many problems; I know working and living on the cruise ship takes a lot of effort and enormous sacrifice. Regardless, learn how to enjoy the journey; enjoy every moment at sea; I can guarantee that you will one day miss it. Also, working hard requires focus and dedication, but having fun along the way is essential. Remember why you want to work hard and what you're striving for, and keep the bigger picture in mind. Create a challenge for yourself, use a fun-filled reward, or infuse laughter and play into your daily routine. When you have a positive attitude, every day is rewarding and fun.