Carnival Elation Itinerary

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Download entire Carnival Elation cruise ship Itinerary in a single PDF file for the period 2019, 2020 and 2021. Find out where the ship is located at the exact date with arrival and departure times in port. Primarily this document is for use of Carnival Elation crew members and their families, however, everyone is welcomed to share and use it. You can download the schedule in PDF at the bottom of the page.

Carnival Elation Itinerary and Sailing Calendar

02-Mar-2020MonPort Canaveral (Orlando), FL07:0012:00
03-Mar-2020TueDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas14:0023:59
04-Mar-2020WedDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
05-Mar-2020ThuDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
06-Mar-2020FriDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
07-Mar-2020SatDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
08-Mar-2020SunDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
09-Mar-2020MonDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
10-Mar-2020TueDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
11-Mar-2020WedDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
12-Mar-2020ThuDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
13-Mar-2020FriDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
14-Mar-2020SatDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
15-Mar-2020SunDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
16-Mar-2020MonDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
17-Mar-2020TueDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
18-Mar-2020WedDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
19-Mar-2020ThuDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0023:59
20-Mar-2020FriDry Dock (Freeport Yard), The Bahamas00:0012:00
21-Mar-2020SatPort Canaveral (Orlando), FL07:0018:00
22-Mar-2020Sun"Fun Day" at Sea  
23-Mar-2020MonGrand Turk09:0017:00
24-Mar-2020TueAmber Cove, Dominican Republic07:0015:00
25-Mar-2020Wed"Fun Day" at Sea  
26-Mar-2020ThuPort Canaveral (Orlando), FL07:0015:30
27-Mar-2020FriNassau, The Bahamas10:0019:00
28-Mar-2020Sat"Fun Day" at Sea  
29-Mar-2020SunFreeport, The Bahamas08:0017:00
30-Mar-2020MonPort Canaveral (Orlando), FL07:0015:30
31-Mar-2020Tue"Fun Day" at Sea  
01-Apr-2020WedAmber Cove, Dominican Republic10:3018:30
02-Apr-2020ThuGrand Turk08:0016:00
03-Apr-2020Fri"Fun Day" at Sea  
04-Apr-2020SatPort Canaveral (Orlando), FL07:0015:30
05-Apr-2020Sun"Fun Day" at Sea  
06-Apr-2020MonAmber Cove, Dominican Republic10:3018:30
07-Apr-2020TueGrand Turk08:0016:00
08-Apr-2020Wed"Fun Day" at Sea  
09-Apr-2020ThuPort Canaveral (Orlando), FL07:0015:30
10-Apr-2020FriNassau, The Bahamas10:0019:00
11-Apr-2020Sat"Fun Day" at Sea  
12-Apr-2020SunFreeport, The Bahamas08:0017:00
13-Apr-2020MonPort Canaveral (Orlando), FL07:0015:30
14-Apr-2020Tue"Fun Day" at Sea  
15-Apr-2020WedAmber Cove, Dominican Republic10:3018:30
16-Apr-2020ThuGrand Turk08:0016:00
17-Apr-2020Fri"Fun Day" at Sea  
18-Apr-2020SatPort Canaveral (Orlando), FL07:0015:30
19-Apr-2020Sun"Fun Day" at Sea  
20-Apr-2020MonAmber Cove, Dominican Republic10:3018:30
21-Apr-2020TueGrand Turk08:0016:00
22-Apr-2020Wed"Fun Day" at Sea  
23-Apr-2020ThuPort Canaveral (Orlando), FL07:0015:30
24-Apr-2020FriNassau, The Bahamas10:0019:00
25-Apr-2020Sat"Fun Day" at Sea  
26-Apr-2020SunFreeport, The Bahamas08:0017:00
27-Apr-2020MonPort Canaveral (Orlando), FL07:0015:30
28-Apr-2020Tue"Fun Day" at Sea  
29-Apr-2020WedAmber Cove, Dominican Republic10:3018:30
30-Apr-2020ThuGrand Turk08:0016:00
01-May-2020Fri"Fun Day" at Sea  
02-May-2020SatPort Canaveral (Orlando), FL07:0015:30

Carnival Elation Ship Statistics

Double occupancy/max occupancy:  2056 / 2594
Crew:  920
Year built:  1998
Tonnage:  70367
Length overall:  856 ft (261 m)
Beam:  121 ft (37 m)
Flag:  Panama


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