1 Crew Member Dead 2 Seriously Injured on Harmony of the Seas

Sep 13, 2016

Just over three months after its inaugural cruise, Harmony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, is a scene of a serious accident. According to information provided by the French newspaper "La Provence", a lifeboat with five crew members inside detached off deck 5 crashing into the sea.  One crew member has been killed and two other crew are critically injured after a lifeboat fell while the ship conducted lifeboat drill in the French port of Marseille on Tuesday, September 13.

“One person has died and four suffered multiple injuries with two in a critical condition and two seriously hurt but stable," said Marseille’s marine emergency service spokesman. “The lifeboat became detached” from the cruise ship owned by Royal Caribbean, said a local police spokesman. Deputy mayor of Marseille, Julien Ruas, said the life boat "fell 10 meters" with the five people inside. "All were members of the crew." According to Cruzeiros webiste deceased crew member was identified as a 42 year-old Filipino man. The two crew members in critical condition were evacuated to Marseille North Hospital, according to Julien Ruas. The cruise ship calling at Marseilles, was docked in Leon Gourret basin at the time of accident.

Royal Caribbean on their Official news Twitter account said “Sad news to share that a #HarmonyoftheSeas crew member has died of injuries suffered during a lifeboat drill conducted in Marseille, France. Four other #HarmonyoftheSeas crewmembers received medical treatment. We're keeping our colleagues & their families in our thoughts & prayers”

Latest Update: Declassed  Harmony of the Seas crew member identified as Ariel Leyson

This is a brand new ship released in 2016. The question is, how a rescue equipment for lowering lifeboats fail after three months? Is it improper maintenance or factory fault? French authorities investigate this tragic event in details especially because the ship was built in France.

Similar accident happened on NCL cruise ship Norwegian Breakaway when a cable snapped from the life boat lowering ramp, killing one crew member, 41-year old Filipino national Diogenes Carpiowhile, and seriously injuring three other. A month later one more crew member, Ben Buenaventuradied, died in hospital by the injuries sustained from this tragic accident.

Update: Three of the injured crew are also Filipinos, and the fourth is Indian national. Investigators are underway to determine how "cable or hook" could break and drive the boat to fall suddenly into the water.

Update: Human Error Cited as Possible Cause of Harmony of the Seas Tragic Accident