3 injured on storm-battered AIDA cruise ship

Jan 16, 2017

A luxury cruise ship got caught up in the hurricane-force storm “Egon” late Friday night. The 3300 passenger German Cruise Ship, Aida Prima was battered by strong winds and powerful waves in the Northern Sea. AIDA Cruises spokeswoman, Kathrin Heitmann, confirmed that AidaPrima was affected by the storm "Egon” and three people were injured, but there was no panic on board. She added that "The ship was safe at any time," and the guests were "informed by the Captain Jens Janauscheck lengte” during the storm.

Passengers on board filmed several videos showing glasses, bottles and equipment falling on the floor in the restaurants, bars and the buffet. Sascha Grains posted this video from the buffet on deck 6 during the storm on Friday 13 January 2017.

Kevin Schlöder , who was sailing onboard described the situation onboard as hell. He says “We were in the East restaurant and suddenly everything fell off the shelves. Shortly before cutlery, glasses and then loud sound something like a falling fridge ... that was hell on earth. For the first time in my life I was scared and didn’t sleep all night. I am still in shock.”

Another passenger onboard says "People seating in their chairs started sliding around. In the pool area children were screaming and crying. No words of reassurance, the first hour in the storm no information, only several times over loudspeaker the distress signal for the medical emergency. Shortly before midnight came the announcement that the passengers should go to their cabins."

When the ship’s captain Jens Janauscheck lengte changed the course towards Heligoland, the situation on board had calmed down again. On Saturday morning at around 7:45 a.m. the ship returned to the port of Hamburg. Upon arrival the injured passengers were transferred in a hospital in Hamburg for further treatment.

Photo courtesy byMichael Becker