After Transatlantic Cruise Costa Pacifica Lands in Malaga Full of Cocaine

Last week, security forces intercepted in the port of Malaga pure cocaine apparently transported on a cruise ship. The drugs, for its high purity, may have reached a market value of around one million euros.

The Spanish Police intervention occurred by chance. Agents of the National Police were conducting a routine check of travelers who arrived in Malaga on the cruise ship Costa Pacifica.

The ship landed at 1p.m. where he made his first stop after making his Transatlantic cruise from South America. The landing at Malaga was early in the afternoon and police observed a dark vehicle leaving the dock while the passengers and crew were disembarking the cruise ship.

The nervous driver brought police attention and their suspicion and they decided to intercept it to check his documentation. The driver was a man of Colombian nationality. Police detected a double bottom, inside the car and found eight packages of a white substance powder. In total, 4,3 kilograms cocaine was found with a market value of 250,000 euros.

One person was arrested for smuggling cocaine disembarking Costa Pacifica in Malaga. The man was caught with packages of cocaine around his body and legs . Spanish Police officials do not reveal the identity of the man and there are no information’s if he was a crew member or a passenger.

Meanwhile, agents of the Civil Guard in coordination with the police carried out screening for travelers to mark the arrival of cruise ships located two other people who carried 12 kilos of cocaine. 

The finding of stash surprised agents Security Forces, drugs used to find themselves at the airport, but almost never on cruise ships arriving in the capital. Researchers believe that this is a new method used by organizations to smuggle cocaine into Spain, since in recent years have been intercepted similar caches in other ports.