AIDA cancels all cruises until April 3rd – Crew are welcome stay on board

Mar 14, 2020

The German Cruise line AIDA Cruises has made a very difficult decision announcing temporarily pause of its global cruise operations until early April 2020. The decision was taken as a response to the global spread of COVID-19 virus, recently calling for extraordinary measures and for the resolute contribution of all stakeholders to stop the outbreak.

“As a tour operator and employer, we have a great responsibility towards our guests and crew members. In the next few days, cruises currently underway will end in suitable ports to enable guests to get off and return to home.” Said Aida Cruises

Aida crew can stay on the ships

In a letter sent to the crew members, Aida announced that the shipboard employees will be given options to stay on the ships during this period, or return home, therefore the crew are given freedom to decide what is best for them and their families. Regardless of their decision, there will be no terminations of crew contracts. That means nobody has to leave the ship. The crew who plan to disembark and return home, even if their contracts are longer, they can do so as soon as the company arranges for flight tickets. In both cases, AIDA will cover the flight costs. For the crew at home waiting to sign-on the dates are postponed for now.

“At the moment you are on a very safe place. Together we will manage this situation. Let's stay together as a family. And as a family, we do care for each other.”