Another Cruise Ship Job Scam

Oct 06, 2017

The internet is an increasingly popular place for scamming people. Recently we received an email from a man who contacted a person advertising cruise ship jobs for Princess Cruises on Facebook. The person, Mark John Smith, claiming to be Princess Cruises recruiting partner to send him numerous documents and pictures presented bellow and asked for $300 in fees. He also promised a $3000 salary for the position security officer and other benefits. After background photo check we found out that the scammer actually used the photos of Princess Cruises Captain Edward Perrin.

Here is the email sent by the victim: 

Dear Sir/Madam,

I saw an advertisement on Facebook that this company wants to hire many staff for the related post. So I am also interested to join this company and I started talking with the guy who posted in Facebook about this job. He told me that if you are interested in this job first you have to register to get into princess cruises and the register fees is $300.And he sent me different forms to fill up .I filled up forms and sent it back to him and he said that now you have to pay for registration after then your visa processing will start. I told him that I don't have the money right now you will pay the registration fee for me and I will send you money when I will arrange money. Then he said ok and he paid my registration fees. Now he send me job offer letter also. I don't know is he right or wrong person? HE said that he is HR manager of this company. He sent me his details, photo and id card of this company. Please help me how can i trust that guy because i have to send money him on addressed place or name of person. I hope that i will get positive response from you. Just please tell me that these all are true or fake. This is my humble request to you.

cruise ship job scam

  • Note: But he wants to receive money in the name of another person that he expects from me.Here are the details of that person.
  • Name: Wendy Tamayo-Blanco
  • City: Des Moines
  • State: Iowa 
  • Zip code: 50302
  • Country: United State
  • And I think this is the right person who is going to scam me and also I think this is an old lady. If scammers want to receive money from others they put their name on a receiver.