Bravo code and technical problems on Navigator of the Seas

Oct 28, 2018

Royal Caribbean cruise ship Navigator of the Seas experienced technical problems last night, forcing the vessel to make an emergency stop to the nearest port.

The ship was supposed to sail to Funchal, Madeira and spend a day at sea, but instead docked at the Port of Vigo, Spain. According to the captain, the ship experienced “minor technical issue.” A crew member onboard says that the ship had technical problems with one of the stabilizers, following the Bravo Code announcement.

Here is the message sent by the crew member:

“Captain announced bravo code at night, the crew bar was full and suddenly everyone started running. One of the stabilizers on the Navigator of the Seas broke and made a hole at the hull, they had to close an entire fire zone because it was leaking water like crazy. They sounded the alarm and there were crew walking around with life jackets.

After 2h they temporarily repaired it, but most likely the ship will go tomorrow to the nearest port for repairs. They’re now in Vigo, Spain and they don’t know how much time they will stay there.”

Today guests onboard were told that the Captain will make an announcement at 6:00 pm as to what will happen to the rest of our scheduled cruise. According to the ship is still docked in Vigo.