Carnival Cruise Line will allow crew shore leave in U.S. and Caribbean ports

Jul 04, 2021

Good Morning and Happy 4th Of July to all onboard the cruise ships sailing out of the USA and around the world. And what a happy day is today as we have some great news coming from the Carnival Cruise Line crew. 

Carnival will allow all fully vaccinated crew on the ships to go out in ports and homeports, as long as the authorities permit shore leave access. There’s no need for reserved areas and organized shore excursions for crew, as they will have the same rights as guests to exit in ports the ships are visiting.

The crew reported they will be allowed shore leave in U.S. ports after the first month of the return of the ship in service, which means the first Carnival team members will be granted short-term shore leaves at the beginning of August. “We are expecting to receive our i95s to get out in Miami by the end of July,” one Carnival crew member said. 

This is such big news for the Carnival team members because they will be the first crew to disembark the ships in US ports for a short shore leave since March 2020 after the CDC issued No Sail Order on all cruise ships sailing out of the United States. The crew will have a chance to once again visit some of their favorite places such Ross, Marshals, BestBuy to spend some money and contribute to the US economy as they did in the past.

This month Carnival Cruise Line will restart cruises with four ships sailing out of US ports. The Carnival Vista already set sail on July 3, from Galveston, Carnival Breeze resumes operations from the same port on July 15, and Carnival Horizon from Miami, while the Carnival Miracle will start Alaska season from Seattle. So hopefully there will be many Carnival crew going out in pots for a shore leave.

Other major cruise lines have already started cruising from the U.S. such as Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and MSC Cruises is preparing for the restart.

Hopefully, these companies will follow suit and allow their crew to go out in ports.