Carnival Liberty Fails The U.S. Public Health Inspection

Jan 25, 2018

Carnival Liberty is the latest Carnival Cruise Line ship to fail the USPH inspection. The official report was released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stating that the unannounced inspection was conducted on January 4, 2018, when the cruise ship arrived in Port Canaveral, Florida. After finding numerous violations the ship received failing score of 80 points.

Carnival Liberty is the fourth Carnival Cruise Line ship to fail the USPH inspection in the past 3 months. Last month two Carnival ships fail to pass USPH Inspection, Carnival Vista with a final score of 79, and Carnival Breeze with 77. Onboard Carnival Vista, Vessel Sanitation Program Inspectors found an organized effort by the crew to physically hide trolleys with food equipment, utensils, raw produce, to crew corridors and crew cabins. Carnival Triumph also fail to pass the inspection conducted on November 11, while the vessel was in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • What did VSP Inspectors found on Carnival Liberty?
  • Most of the findings were related to broken down or malfunctioning machines and poorly maintained corroded equipment. Here are some of the violations:
  • Corroded equipment
  • - The atmospheric vacuum breaker at the rack-type warewasher was heavily corroded.
  • - The in-use panini grill in Room Service was heavily corroded in the food-contact surfaces.
  • - Main Galley CTX ovens located at the Center Hot Galley were heavily corroded in the food zones.
  • Out of service machines
  • - The rack-type warewash machine in the Starboard Dishwash was out of service.
  • - The rack-type warewasher in the Galley-Port Dishwash was out of service.
  • - Galley-Potwash machine was out of service.
  • Malfunctioning machines
  • - Condensate collected on the deckhead and bulkheads on the clean side of the in-use dishwash machine in the Galley-Dishwash.
  • - The temperature of the heavily in-use hood-type warewash machine at Galley-Guy's Burger Joint did not reach a minimum required temperature of 150°F in several attempts. 

Among other violations, Inspectors recorded high pH values of >10 at the Serenity Portside Whirlpool Spa. Measured bromine levels were >10 and 9.91, after which the whirlpool spa was immediately closed. Center Hot Galley deck was in disrepair with some broken tiles and missing grouting. At least 10 self-service plates placed next to the Buffet-Omelet Station were soiled with food residues.

After Carnival Vista fail to pass USPH inspection Miami Herald released a statement by Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer De La Cruz saying “We take these inspections very seriously and share lessons learned and best practices with every ship in our fleet.” I guess there’s a lot more to be done to get the Carnival vessels in shipshape.