Carnival Triumph fails USPH inspection

Nov 14, 2017

The cruise ship Carnival Triumph fail to pass the recent USPH Inspection.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Inspectors boarded the vessel on November 11, at the port of New Orleans, Louisiana, and found multiple violations. CDC has not yet released an official report on their website, however, several crew members have reported that the final USPH score was 78. An 85 or lower on the CDC's 100-point inspection scale is considered failing grade. Carnival Triumph had not received a score lower than 90 since the April 2009.

Now the ship’s crew are required to take corrective actions and new inspection will follow within 30 to 45 days.

This is third Carnival cruise ship this year to fail USPH inspection. Carnival Legend fail to pass the USPH Inspection in April with a score of 83 points, and Carnival Paradise in June also didn’t pass the USPH inspection.

All cruise ships that dock at U.S. ports are inspected by the CDC twice a year, and very few ships have received a failing score over the last couple of years. When a cruise ship fails, it means that one or more measures in the Vessel Sanitation Program did not meet minimum requirements.

In the following days, CDC is expected to release detail report of the Inspection.