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Christmas Miracle - Celebrity Summit Crew Rescues Stranded Sailors

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Christmas has truly come early this year for 6 sailors who were stranded out at sea for over a month, and without food and water for the past 6 days. After receiving crackled S.O.S. radio signal on December 16, Celebrity Summit Captain Kate McCue made an announcement saying that the bridge picked up a mayday signal and is changing course to assist. Half an hour later Summit had reached a small boat drifting madly in the waves, without sails and out of power, towing a damaged dingy.

A rescue boat was sent to transfer six people which were obviously in bad shape, and extracting them was not a simple task because the waves were throwing both boats around. After several attempts to approach the vessel, the rescue crew managed to secure a rope and started carefully transferring the passengers off the damaged yacht.

Celebrity Summit Captain Kate McCue

After receiving first aid onboard the crew found out that they have saved 8 people, not 6 because two of the rescued women were pregnant.

It is a true miracle for Celebrity Summit to pick up a crackled SOS radio signal in the first place. On a clear day, you’d be lucky to radio a short distance signal of 10 or 15 nautical miles. Even more, because the boat lost its rudder and sails and was taking on water.

As Captain Kate says they were at “The right place, at the right time, with the right people. Words cannot describe how the crew came through during this. From donating clothes, time, and even their own money to help out in whatever way they could. In the midst of the holiday season, I can't imagine a better place to be than surrounded by these truly amazing people! The same goes for our wonderful guests as I have received letter after letter offering anything they might be able to do for those rescued. This is the reason for the season. Celebrate the good around you & take some time to hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight. Kudos to Captain Kate, her officers and crew. We are incredibly proud of each one of you."

This heartwarming news was shared in a video by Celebrity Summit Captain Kate McCue.


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