Costa Cruises warns passengers of potential civil unrest in Barcelona

Oct 25, 2017

Costa Cruises has issued a letter warning passengers about the potential risks in Barcelona. In the letter, guests are advised to avoid mixing with "large political concentrations in the vicinity of Government buildings, and Security Forces” because it “may produce political rallies or demonstrations announced at short notice or without prior notice. "

The cruise line also advises tourists not to visit "remote places or buildings with restricted access" in Catalonia. Issued warning under the title "Civil unrest", circulated among the passengers of the vessel Costa Diadema during its latest visit on 23 October. 

Passengers were advised that, if encountering a demonstration, participants or security forces should not be photographed in order "not provoke violent reactions." by the demonstrator or the police.

costa cruises letter

Costa Cruises explained that the issued advisory represents only a preventive measure that the company sends for other ports around the world when there is some kind of potential risk for their passengers and crew. "The safety of our passengers and crew has the highest priority for us, so we constantly value the safety situation in collaboration with the authorities and our local partners." The cruise line said in a statement.