Couple Kicked Off a Cruise Ship for Loud “Chiki Chiki”?

Oct 24, 2019

Two passengers are suing the German Cruise Line TUI Cruises for psychological and emotional pain they endured after they were kicked off a cruise ship the second day of their Caribbean cruise. The couple boarded the ship “Mein Schiff 5” in April, and the following day they were told by the ship's officers they must leave the vessel in Barbados.  As reported by Reise Reporter the couple had been "passionate" in their stateroom and they forgot to close the balcony door. The woman admits they have been a bit loud. She emphasizes that the chiki-chiki was consensual without violence or damaging the cabin.

Shortly after the woman went to the balcony for a smoke and a security officer together with the hotel manager knocked on the door.  After a short conversation with the officers, they were told that a decision had been made by the captain and they need to disembark the ship.

After hearing this decision the couple was in shock and since there was no formal explanation of why they were kicked off the ship they could explain the sacking only with the fact that they were too loud. They apologized and hoped to pass only with a warning but the decision was enforced. Around one o'clock at night the two needed to be ready with packed suitcases in Barbados.

After disembarking in Barbados the couple needed to arrange for their own flight back to Germany. All of this has left its mark, the couple says, and they decided to take legal actions against TUI Cruises for damages, compensation for emotional pain, reimbursement of travel expenses and the associated legal dispute.

Travel Reporter says that TUI Cruises didn’t want to comment if "disturbing the peace" was the reason the couple was kicked off the ship. There is one more detail in the woman’s account of the events and that is the smoking on the stateroom balcony. Some cruise lines have very strict policy which can result in passengers being removed from ships if caught smoking on their cabin balconies.