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Crew Member Dies on Norwegian Escape

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A 36-year-old crew member has died on the cruise ship Norwegian Escape this morning. The crew member had reportedly completed his 10-day COVID isolation, and one day after his release he passed away. According to our source, the deceased crew member is an Indian national who was working in the bar department. The cause of the death is unknown.

Our source told us that the crew member was isolated in a cabin on Deck 2 without fresh air and sun for 10 days. “Yesterday he was out from the quarantine, and this morning Code Alpha was announced on board and he suddenly died,” his fellow shipmate said.

Currently there are only crew members onboard the Norwegian Escape after NCL canceled ships’ voyages with embarkation dates through and including January 22, 2022. The crew member reported that even without guests on board the company is placing most of them in windowless crew cabins for the 10-day isolation and only a small number are placed in guest staterooms.

The crew member voiced his concerns about the effects and consequences the 10-day quarantine in windowless crew cabins and other restrictions could have on the crew members' wellbeing.

“Our mental health after 6 months onboard is deteriorating. This feels like we are in jail, and their excuse for all restrictions placed on us is that outside is pandemic and it’s for our safety. Can you imagine back home you work in the market and somebody keeps you locked in the same market after you are done with duty because outside is pandemic? This is how we feel right now.

We are not scared of the virus, the symptoms are mild. We are more concerned about all these restrictions which have a devastating effect on our well-being. The way how they deal with this situation is unacceptable.”

The crew hopes that the cruise line will consider the psychological and physical effects of all restrictions which they have been experiencing since the beginning of the pandemic.