Crew Member Fired For Wearing Sweater With Offensive Message

Jan 01, 2020

A cruise ship crew member was fired from his job for wearing a sweater with an offensive message during Christmas celebrations. The crew member who was working in the Galley department onboard the Holland America Line cruise ship ms Koningsdam was part of the Filipino choir performing a Christmas song in front of guests in the ship's theater. Before going on the stage he was warned to take out the sweater or cover it with a jacked but it seems he didn’t take this seriously.

Once on the stage, the crew member exposed his sweater with a rude and offensive message “Merry Go…” and placed his jacket on his shoulder. A ship officer reacted promptly and removed the crew member off the stage during the live performance.

A passenger wishing to remain anonymous sent us a video of the performance in the ship's theatre. From the video, you can see the crew member in a green sweater and a jacket on his shoulder being removed from the choir during the performance.

“In the middle of the singing, he was removed from the stage. It is all his fault coz somebody told him to cover it, but he did it intentionally. That’s why he is a disgrace to all choir and all crew members of ms Koningsdam. This is an embarrassment to all of us. We were working so hard on the song, and he managed to ruin our performance and Christmas.” says one crew member.

According to our source following this embarrassing incident, the crew member was fired and sent back home.