Crew Member Opinion: When will cruising get back to normal?

Jul 07, 2020

Every question about the damage done by the coronavirus and when things will get back to normal for the cruise industry will be hard to answer. The following text is an honest opinion from a crew member sharing his thoughts about the future of cruising.

A lot of crew are coming to me ....kapo, kapo ...when are ships starting again, etc etc ?? Even I don't have that answer to the question. With this COVID-19 outbreak the cruising is experiencing unprecedented times ....something we've never seen before ...or likely to again I expect.

My opinion is .....every continent/country are gonna ease the "lockdown" at differing times etc, the flight situation has to get up running again properly & accommodation facilities near ports, etc ...including the ports themselves have to be open. All these factors are essential, among many others.

When there are signs of sailings imminent ......please bear in mind matter which company etc ......I'm almost sure these ships will run at vastly reduced passenger capacity to adhere to rules & protocols that will be enforced. This has a "knock-on " effect to the ratio of crew required for employment.

Do not think in any way .....that its gonna be back to normal as before .....because it won't be. Do NOT rely on being recalled as an expectation ....if one does get recalled etc .....all well & good. Cruising is a business first & foremost about making money and that comes down to " supply & demand" in business ethics.

I wish I could say something more on the positive side truly ....but this is how it will be begin with anyway. Cruising WILL return stronger Im sure ...but its gonna take time & for that reason is why I post this.

I know most of my frenz & acquaintances have family responsibilities to provide for it would be wise to search for another income in yr home country to supplement yr needs. All this post only MY opinion ....but I don't think I'm gonna be far off the truth though.

All you guyz...KNOW if I can help at any time with placements I will try etc ......but I'd much rather be truthful with you than raise any false hopes.

Love you All

Kapo Steve Hancock