For Crew Only: How to send your packages from the cruise ship without leaving the port

Mar 19, 2018

Ever wanted to send a package to your loved ones back home, but didn’t have time or didn’t know how to do it? The friendly staff from the Company “For Crew Only” have an easy solution for this. You just need to pack the gifts you want to send back home, send them a message, and they will come to pick up your package at the port. It is that easy!

So how does it work?

You need to sign up with your email or Facebook account at For Crew Only Website. Then enter sender and recipient information, as well as address. Select package dimensions, weight, value, and service type. Request pickup of a package(s) by selecting your ship and port. Once the process is completed, you will receive tracking information and will be able to check the progress of the package.

Currently this shipping service is available only in the cruise ports in Florida including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Port Canaveral. 

And there you have it, its that easy to send your package back home, at least from Florida for now.

for crew only cruise ship delivery package

We wanted to find out more about this service, so we asked the director of For Crew Only to provide us with some additional information. Here is the response regarding shipping your packages right from the ship directly from the service company.

Does a member of your team come to the port to pick up the package?

"We pick it up at the port for the crew member – they can pick the time and preferred place. I can also pick it up onboard but most prefer to hand it to me outside."

Can you tell me what the price of the delivery is, let’s say for 5 kg. package from Port of Miami to the Philippines? 

"We shop for the best prices amongst all the companies that deliver. Prices for Philippines approx. 5kg can start at $50 USD. It really depends also on dimensions as well as weight. We deliver ship to ship and within the US. Delivering ship to ship depends on Port starts at $35."

"We are also creating a crew member registry – “wish list” the crew member will create the list and can provide the URL to family and friends or if guests onboard want to give them added “gratuity” they can purchase from the crew members wish list."

For more information how to shop online and send packages visit "For Crew Only" website at