Crew Packages Missing on Norwegian Epic

Jun 27, 2019

A crew member who wishes to remain anonymous contacted Crew Center stating that many crew on the cruise ship Norwegian Epic didn’t receive their packages ordered online. Apparently, the orders were placed four months ago and when the crew checked the online, tracking records stated that the packages have been delivered to the ship. However, they haven’t received the packages to this day, claims the crew member. The crew member also states that there was a pressure to the crew not to report the missing packages to the Head office in Miami or they will face consequences. Here is the crew members' message:

“We have missing crew packages on the Norwegian Epic. A number of crew members who have been expecting their packages haven't received anything yet. None of the management on board are concerned about it. It's been 4 months now and all they say is that it has been lost and to claim for a refund. According to the tracking records, the packages have been delivered to the ship but after that nobody has any information about the packages. They just vanished. If it's one package that has been lost, stolen or not delivered is understandable. But a bunch of crew members to have the same issue is really hard to understand. If we question them about it all they say is that "it's your personal stuff and there's nothing that can be done about it. You have to file for lost package and claim a refund." The crew enrichment who's responsible for this is still on board and no action has been taken. They have only demoted him to one position lower. We have been told also not to inform the Head office in Miami about it or else we would face consequences. The crew does not want a refund. But to know what has happened to the packages after arriving on board. I know this may not seem like a serious matter but the crew really work hard for their money.”