Croatian shipyard is building a cruise ship that does not need refueling for 40 days

Jun 20, 2018

The expansion in the cruise global market has led passengers to find new destinations by choosing to travel to unexplored marine areas. However, in some regions, there are no suitable points of supply for ships with the necessary equipment for their uninterrupted operation.

Quark Expeditions, the cruise line specializing in polar cruises, recently signed an agreement with Croatian largest shipbuilder, Brodosplit, to construct a new cruise ship. This luxury cruise ship will feature optimized fuel, water, provisioning and waste handling systems that will enable an incredible 40-day operational range. But this is not all, the unique to its class, the vessel will feature helicopters launched from two simultaneously operable helidecks for spectacular heli-skiing, flightseeing and to reach destinations only accessible by air. An internal Zodiac hangar will quickly and safely deploy the ship’s twenty Zodiacs to maximize the off-ship experience, getting passengers off the ship and into nature faster and more often.

The new Quark Expeditions ship, with 13,000 tonnes and capacity of 200 people, will be ready for delivery in 2020. The name of the cruise ship will be "Polar Class 6", it will be 127.9 m long, 5.1 m draft and 21.5 m wide, while it will be environmentally friendly as it will have a marine ballast management system its waste.