Drones to Monitor Cruise Ships Sulfur Emission

Jun 21, 2018

Norwegian Coast Guard started testing drones in order to detect sulfur emission levels from cruise ships arriving in the Norwegian fjords. The new method of monitoring the sulfur level is conducted by state of the art Lockheed Martin Indago drone with a price tag of $123.000.The specially made sensor, developed by the Danish company Explicit, provides detailed measurements of sulfur content in the exhaust. Everything is transferred wirelessly to the controller in real time. Using this excellent weapon in combating environmental crime Norwegian Coast Guard is carrying out regular checks in Bergen Harbor.

Unlike before when Norwegian Maritime Directorate spend a day on these types of tests, now they can be completed in 30 minutes.

So far the tests have shown exceptional results, and after Norwegian authorities evaluate the project, the plan is to implement more drones which will monitor cruise ships arriving in Norway. 

After stricter regulations were introduced in 2015 for the amount of sulfur that may be in the fuel for ships sailing in Europe, the Norwegian Maritime Directorate has carried out regular checks. High sulfur fuel is cheaper in several countries. Therefore, there are some ships that use them. However, breaking the maximum limit risks the violation fines from $12.000 to $70.000.