Ed Sheeran new documentary to feature his cruise ship adventures

Feb 23, 2018

Documentary about Ed Sheeran entitled “Songwriter” is set to be released this month. The producer Murray Cummings who was working with Sheeran projects, including couple music videos was collecting footage over the years and chronicles Ed's journey as a singer/songwriter. The idea was to “capture the spark, inspiration that goes into writing songs and the initial idea behind the hits.

There will be other songwriters in the film, including the music producer Benny Blanco, whose fear of flying took him and Sheeran to cross the Atlantic on the cruise liner Queen Mary 2 last summer. They set up a studio on board and recorded some of Ed’s hits, which is also an episode captured in the “Songwriter” documentary. 

“There were many Titanic jokes on the way,” Cummings said. In an interview for Radio 1, Breakfast Show Sheeran said that they build a studio that you could break down easily… “I think it was in the freezer room. “We weren’t allowed to eat it the restaurant because you have to have a suit… You have to wear a dinner jacket to eat."

“And my biggest market in the world is the Philippines and every staff member on the boat was Filipino so I just had a wave of people come to my room every five minutes asking for selfies, so I spent my whole time taking pictures with Filipino people…”

Here’s a trailer for the documentary “Songwriter” on YouTube: