Experience Life as a Mermaid on Dream Cruises

Jan 05, 2017

Hong Kong, 5 January 2017 – Have you have ever imagined what it would be like to swim with a mermaid? Myth becomes a reality for guests on Genting Dream with the visit of a ‘real’ mermaid - the aquatically astounding ‘Mermaid Kat’. This epic voyage also marks her first-ever cruise experience which will be a milestone for every passenger who joins Mermaid Kat on the upcoming 5-Night Cruise on 22 January 2017.

Dream Cruises have designed and curated a remarkable range of niche events with the ultimate gurus of various fields of interest. These gurus will add an inspiring and interactive dimension to your voyage. Dream Cruises ‘Dreamscapes’ enrichment programme, aboard Genting Dream on its 22 January Vietnam cruise itinerary, features a series of inspirational talks by ‘Mermaid Kat’ on how she fell in love with the underwater world and - recalling her childhood dream of becoming a ‘real life’ mermaid - embarked on her remarkable career to ensure the conservation of the seas and its inhabitants.

“We are delighted to welcome Mermaid Kat as our special ‘Dreamscapes’ guest speaker on Genting Dream,” said Dream Cruises President Mr. Thatcher Brown. “The mermaid is an icon of our Dream Cruises brand, a mythological character that reflects the elegance of our brand, together with a natural connection to the sea.”

‘Mermaid Kat’ is one of the most successful professional mermaids in the world. Katrin Gray formerly Miss Germany International, mermaid trainer, free diving instructor, scuba instructor and underwater stunt woman. As an accomplished free diver, ‘Mermaid Kat’ talks about the safe use of mermaid tails. She travels the globe to swim in the open oceans alongside sea creatures such as dolphins, turtles, rays, whales and even sharks. ‘Mermaid Kat’ was the first person in the world to swim with hammerhead and tiger sharks whilst wearing a mermaid tail. She performs as an underwater stunt woman while being filmed and photographed for TV commercials, movies and music videos.

‘Mermaid Kat’, who in 2012 established the world’s first-ever mermaid training school, has branches in Australia and Germany and has trained mermaid instructors worldwide. She has also hosted workshops and special events in the U.K., Maldives, Philippines, Australia, Thailand, Switzerland, Austria, Egypt, Indonesia and Germany. ‘Mermaid Kat’ will be donning her specialised mermaid tail and inviting guests to join her in a series of exclusive pool training sessions at Genting Dream’s Main Pool, to learn how to swim like mermaid.

As the ultimate in luxurious and inspired cruise experiences, Dream Cruises is Genting Hong Kong’s new cruise line, catering to the large and rapidly growing high-end market in China and Asia. Genting Dream offers inspirational luxury, which is Asian at heart and international in spirit, delivering the highest levels of onboard guest service and spacious comfort in the region.

From now until 10 February, Genting Dream has turned into a wonderland where guests will be delighted by an array of fun winter and Chinese New Year activities including Manners and Etiquette classes, Pastries Art Workshop and Creative Art & Crafts workshop, Extravaganza Red & Gold Party at the Pool Deck[1] and Happy Rooster year Party.

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‘Mermaid Kat’ – Genting Dream ‘Dreamscapes’ Enrichment Programme Voyage Date 22 January 2017

Presented by ‘Mermaid Kat’: Enrichment Talks (Three Subjects)

Turning into a real life mermaid seems to be the storyline of a modern fairy-tale.  In the case of ‘Mermaid Kat’, it is more than just a fairy tale.  Find out how a girl turned into a mermaid and made it her full time profession. Learn more about how ‘Mermaid Kat’ uses her mermaid personality to create awareness for our ocean environment, how she brings smiles to into children’s faces and why she even swam with tiger sharks.

Learn to Move like a Mermaid: Become a Mermaid Yourself

Becoming a real life mermaid is the dream of many girls and women and even boys and men might hope to turn into a mystical sea creature one day. ‘Mermaid Kat’ will bring you one step closer to that dream. Learn to become an ambassador of the ocean and how to move underwater like a real life mermaid or merman.

Learn How to Breathe like a Mermaid: Become a Mermaid Yourself

Mermaids can stay underwater much longer than humans. The sea mammals, that are still half human, use special breathing techniques. ‘Mermaid Kat’ teaches you relaxation and breathing techniques to stay underwater longer than you would have ever imagined. Connect with your inner sea creature, gain new experiences and understand the importance of our ocean environment.

All the three inspirational talks are complimentary to passengers of Genting Dream who sail on the 5 night cruise scheduled on 22 January 2017. Only the exclusive mermaid workshops will be charged at a nominal fee of HK$220 per 45 minutes and requires advanced booking arrangements when onboard.

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