Extreme: Skiing on top of a cruise ship

Jan 27, 2017

From the highest point of a cruise ship – the funnel, skier Anders Backe, performed extreme stunt. For the purposes of their movie Supervention 2, Anders and his friend, decided to build a ramp on top of the funnel and ski downhill. First try was a failure as Andres falls from the ramp and luckily ends on top of the highest deck. Second attempt was a success as the skier conquers the ramp and finishes his stunt on the open deck. The first video is shot from far distance and you can see Andres as a small dot. The second video is a shot of the mounted camera on top of his helmet.

We have seen all kinds of stunts performed on cruise ships from Stuntman Riding Motorcycle All Around a Cruise Ship, Water skiing behind a cruise ship, however this stunt has to be most extreme and dangerous.

Anders Backe - Supervention 2 -  Skiing on top of a cruise ship Color Line.