Family With Fake Passports Arrested Onboard Costa Luminosa

Nov 15, 2018

Greek authorities arrested a Turkish family at the Port of Katakolon (Olympia), who was sailing on a cruise ship with fake passports. According to Fly News, the family was onboard the cruise ship Costa Luminosa with their three-year-old boy and during the passport control, it was found that their passports were forged. The family said that they boarded the vessel from Piraeus, on November 13 with forged Greek passports and their final destination was Venice, Italy, homeport of Costa Luminosa.  

The police report says that the man was a police officer who was arrested after the failed coup in Turkey, while his wife a teacher. Both after the events in Turkey were under persecution. The family tried to leave their country without success and eventually crossed the Greek border one month ago. In Athens, they managed to obtain forged passports, paying about 1500 euros.

They embarked on the cruise ship wanting to leave for Italy, but their journey ended one day after they boarded the ship after forgery of the passports was detected in Katakolon.