Five Men Arrested for Smuggling 26 kilos of Cocaine on Cruise Ship in Brazil

Five Tourists with Slovenian passports were arrested in the northern coast of São Paulo by international drug trafficking police. The tour group was trying to board on a cruise ship in Ilhabela, with 26 kilos of cocaine.

The cruise ship MSC Magnifica, sailed from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and during the boarding ships security found five tourists acting suspicious and immediately notified the police. 

The search was conducted by the Federal Police of San Sebastian, which said that the tourists tried to re-embark with drugs wrapped around their body. One of the suspects was already investigated by international traffic.

Police said Ilhabela became a strategic point of international drug trafficking, because the city quick stops vessels are made with a large number of tourists.

Detainees with Slovenian nationality are between 20 and 35 years of age and were taken for questioning at the police station.

One of them reported that the drugs was destined for Europe. The suspicion is that the seized cocaine had come from Colombia. Police are still investigating the involvement of other people treating this as a international network of drug trafficking.

The immigration sector and embassy of Slovenia were notified and the men arrested. 

MSC Cruises stated that it is contributing to assessment and investigation of the case and that, after the landing of passengers involved, the ship was cleared by local authorities.

This is a third case this month involving drugs smuggling on cruise ships. Earlier this mounth five NCL crew members were arrested in USA and two Royal Caribbean crew members were arrested just four days ago in Argentina