How are crew members doing on board Quantum of the Seas?

Oct 27, 2020

During these difficult times, people with a positive mindset can make a great impact and lift the spirits high around them. One such person is the Chief Security Officer Mansor Ashkar who has shown the world of Quantum of the Seas on his YouTube channel. Mansur has made some incredible videos, full with positive energy, letting people know what is going on onboard and how the crew is doing during their stay on this amazing ship. He has proven that the most important part of the ship is the crew, their well-being, and social interactions. From his videos, you can see that all is good on board and that Royal Caribbean is treating the crew very well.

“When I came onboard I saw that some of the moral was a bit down as some of the crew have ben onboard for 6-10 months, no guests, no ports, just floating and waiting, So I figured out that this might be one of the ways to help boost the moral and give the crew some fun videos they can share with their families back home telling them this is what we are doing this is how our life looks like right now. So we started filming and looking for fun things to do and share with our loved ones back home.” says Mansor.

With tons of activates from making a barbeque to bumper car rides, the crew spends their spare time having a lot of fun. 

In the video “Jenny didn't know” Mansor explains how 93 crew members in lockdown on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in Asia, finds creative ways to pass their time as they practice imaginary social distance high five.

In his latest video “100 days onboard A day in Suny's life Part 1” Mansor has made an interview with the only Chinese female Bridge Officer in the fleet. How cool is that? 

Her name is Sun Ye, but in short, the crew calls her Sunny.

The full interview with the Bridge Officer Sun Ye will be released in the following days on the YouTube channel, So STAY TUNED!

When people look back on their lives, it is usually the greatest challenges that gave them a new perspective and make them grow the most. None of us can predict when this pandemic will come to an end. In the meantime, it’s up to each one of us to remain patient, calm and positive as we navigate the changing waters of this new normal.

For more great videos you can visit Mansor Ashkar YouTube Channel HERE