This is how passengers fall off cruise ships

Oct 23, 2017

No photo is worth risking your life. This doesn’t apply to the young woman who sits on top of the ships open deck railings just to take an amazing photo, not realizing that she could easily fall off the cruise ship and be lost at sea. The dangerous behavior was captured by a passenger Nick Corben, on board the cruise ship P&O Aurora, while the vessel was sailing on a 2-day voyage from Southampton.

As shown in the photography a young woman lays on top of the railings with her hands behind her back and her friend taking a photo of her. It takes just a moment for the woman to lose her balance and fall into the sea.

In the event of a real person overboard emergency, the ship needs to turn around which takes a mile or two and spend hours looking for a person which in most cases is never found.

Cruise lines policy regarding dangerous behavior by passengers on board states that each individual will be escorted off the ship at the next port-of-call, and placed on the blacklist meaning that they will never sail again.

The photo was shared by the passenger Nick Corben with P&O Cruises and they are aware of the incident.

Have you seen these Idiots from Aurora 2 night cruise at the weekend. Should be banned from cruising.

Posted by Nick Corben on Sunday, October 22, 2017