Indian Crew Members Stranded On Board MV Astoria Go on Hunger Strike

Jun 15, 2020

About 160 Indian crew members stranded for the past 90 days on the CMV cruise ship MV Astoria, has gone on hunger strike today. The crew staged a peaceful protest on the ship’s open deck asking their government and state officials to help them return home to their families. The seafarers further requested the government of India to immediately give an approval for a repatriation chartered flights.

"They haven't got any answer yet about anything that's the reason they have gone on strike." said one crew member.

From the photos sent to Crew Center, you can see each crew member holding a sign that reads: "Indian government where are you? -We need help - Send us Home -Indian High Commission in London Help Us". Some crew members even held signs “Frustrated. What’s new? Suicide!” referring to a dozen crew members who paid with their lives while stranded on other cruise ships.

They say that the crew is treated well by the cruise company during these difficult times, but they are frustrated by the lack of assistance and empathy from their government. While other fellow crew members had already returned home, Indians are among the last crew stranded on many cruise ships around the world.

Last week there was another protest staged by 600 Indian crew who were stranded on Marella cruise ships, they also demanded to be sent home. Days after the protest their voice was heard, and they were repatriated on a charter flights to India. We hope the government and Indian High Commission in London will help also their citizens stranded citizens on MV Astoria as soon as possible, before it’s too late.