Indonesian Crew Member Found Dead on Celebrity Cruise Ship

Dec 23, 2019

Media outlets in Indonesia report about the tragic news of a crew member who died a week ago onboard the cruise ship Celebrity Millennium. I Komang Sutrisna Putra age 26, from  Karangasem Bali, Indonesian was found dead in his cabin on December 17, while the cruise ship was docked in Bangkok, Thailand.

According to Tribune Bali, the crew member was found by his roommate in the early morning hours, when he entered the cabin and found his friend in a lifeless state in the bathroom. The newspaper adds that the crew member was found hanging from a rope in the bathroom. The Authorities in Thailand were immediately informed about the tragedy and the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok was also notified about the death of their citizen.

The head of the Indonesian Workers Placement and Protection Service Center, Mr. Denpasar Soleh Hidayat said

“We received information from Bangkok (Thailand) on behalf of Komang Sutrisna Putra for the repatriation of his body," He added that the examination of the body found no fatal wounds on the victim except the traces of a rope around his neck. We have not confirmed that it was suicide, I did not declare it a suicide yet. " 

The crew member's body was returned to his family in Bali on December 22, 2019.

The Indonesian crewing agency “PT Ratu Oceania Raya Bali” from which I Komang Sutrisna Putra was recruited for Celebrity Cruises shared  the following post:

"This afternoon December 22, 2019, at 14:30 representative of PT. The Queen of Oceania Raya Bali participated in the repatriation of the body accompanying Mr. Kadisnaker and the head of Denpasar. Together with the family who welcomed the arrival of the body of late I Komang Sutrisna Putra, Crewmember of Celebrity Millennium who died on December 17, 2019, on the cruise ship celebrity millennium.

He was hired by our agency in 2015 and although since July 2019 we officially have not been hiring partner Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd., there is a moral responsibility for the crew we dispatched we help and escort the process of repatriation of the body to bring back to his family.

Thank you to Mr. Kadisnaker and energy Bali, head of bp3tki Bali, the head of Karangasem labor service and all his administration, Mr. Wayan Curry Subali members of Bali Capitol, BALI KPI, as well as other parties who have participated and helped the process of the return of the body of the deceased until at his family house in Karangasem.

Our deepest condolences and may the late amor ring achintya, the abandoned family be given fortitude and strength.”

His friends and family said a final farewell to I Komang Sutrisna Putra:

"You’re my best of the friend, my brother, one thing i want to ask you, why? why? And why? A couple of days ago we just talked, and I heard you passed away! Rest in peace, my brother!"

"Goodbye, my friend...There will be no more laughter that I can listen to. Rest in peace there. We were all shocked you didn't expect you to go this fast."