ISIS Threatens Cruise Ships Sailing to Mediterranean

Political instability in Libya would not change anything about the cruise routes, the recent threats from ISIS should not lead to any changes of the routes in the Mediterranean.

The cruise companies are not frightened by the unstable situation in Libya and in the Mediterranean and the new threats of the Isis who said they are ready to attack even "shipping companies and cruise ships". No one talks about further change of the routes, which had already been partly modified as a result of the Arab Spring, and no one feels the need to have armed soldiers on board because there are "professional private security", many of whom are former officers law enforcement, in regular contact with the authorities.

"We can not reveal - says CLIA - Cruise Lines International Association, in a statement - the details of the imposing security measures put in place by individual cruise lines but we can ensure that they remain in constant contact with the national and international authorities with regard to safety. On board there are security professionals full-time, who are committed only to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. "

"In the Mediterranean we have ships that pass close to Libya, in each case for the security we are in close contact with the Foreign Ministry and with international organizations," says the CEO of MSC CRUISES. "We are calm - more - with regard to the security situation of the ports that are under strict supervision and also to the situation of the ships at sea that are followed by a special system that allows the authorities to monitor the routes. A system Private security is ultimately a function on ships discreetly ".

Costa, who sails in the Mediterranean with 12 of its 15 ships, says: "Costa Cruises considers the safety of guests and crew as the top priority and is closely monitoring the international situation. The company is in constant contact with the authorities responsible for ensuring the safety of its operations and activities and for a careful and constant monitoring of the evolution of the situation.