Know Before You Go - Carnival Issues Advisories About Guest Behavior

Feb 02, 2023

As part of its pre-cruise advisory program, Carnival Cruise Line is providing tips on what you should do and not do on a cruise. The alerts, which are emailed to incoming passengers, focus on guest safety and behavior guidelines, highlighting things like smoking guidelines on the cruise, as well as rules regarding disruptive behavior and bringing alcohol on board.

To be clear, the policies are not new. They have been available on the cruise line website for years. What is new is the additional distribution of rules via email.

However, the advance emails offer additional context and explanations regarding some of the long-standing cruise guidelines. This includes rules regarding marijuana and the fact that: “cruises are required to comply with US federal law, which strictly prohibits the possession and use of marijuana and other illegal substances.

The cruise's beverage policies are also covered in the tip, which may be helpful for those who haven't visited Carnival's website to familiarize themselves with the rules — and more specifically what's not allowed on board. Even such topics as the use of radios and speakers on board are covered in email advisories (for those unaware, these items are prohibited in public areas unless used with headphones).

And for those out of the loop — the advice also covers the highly contested practice of trying to save seats, such as poolside loungers, by throwing books, shoes, and towels on the chairs at 6 am to secure your seat for the day. This type of behavior is strictly prohibited at any time. Seating is first come, first served.

Meanwhile, unruly and disruptive behavior will have financial consequences. You could face a fine of up to $500. And if your behavior warrants disembarking from the cruise, additional charges may apply. And you may be banned from all future Carnival cruises.

Finally, the e-mailers emphasize that ship officials are the final arbiters of what constitutes a violation of Carnival rules.

"The captain and our officers have the authority to enforce our policies and make decisions to ensure a fun and safe environment for everyone," the email said.