Leak: 4th Oasis Class ship to be named Symphony of the Seas?

Jan 19, 2017

In a news release, under the title “Even More FlowRiders to Spread Across Royal Caribbean Fleet” the company manufacturing  the surf simulators for Royal Caribbean has leaked the name of the fourth Oasis Class ship. According to FlowRider Inc, the leading manufacturer of sheet wave simulators, the next Royal Caribbean ship, currently under construction in STX shipyard in France, will be named Symphony of the Seas. Shortly after publishing the news release on their official website, Flowrider Inc has removed the post. However members of Cruise Critic managed to make a screenshot of the post. Below is the FlowRider news post, leaking the name of the forth RCCL Oasis class ship.

“Everyone always likes a good concert, do they not? And we all like to ride waves, or we wouldn’t bother writing about it! How about marriage? 18 times over?

We are in the midst of building FlowRider #s 17 and 18 for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL) - they said YES 18 times! RCCL is our single largest client, and they continue to put one or two FlowRider Doubles on every new ship they design and build. In fact, the program has been so successful for them, they even bring in ships for dry dock, and if there isn’t a FlowRider on it, they ask "why not?" Next thing you know, our crew is there installing a brand new wave!

But what does all of this have to do with music? Well, Symphony of the Seas, that’s what. This is what RCCL will call their fourth OASIS Class cruise ship and it’s due to be commissioned later this year!

OASIS 4/Symphony of the Seas is yet another vessel in the magnificent RCCL fleet. They understand how difficult is to get foot-dragging teenagers to go on vacation. Simultaneously they realize that teenagers flock to a FlowRider, like seagulls to a beach."

The next Oasis Class ship scheduled to be delivered in Spring 2018 has yet to be officially named by the cruise line. Royal Caribbean has not released a statement regarding the leak.