Letter By A Crew Member - Thank You, Your Services Are No Longer Needed

Jan 22, 2018

My name is Tonggo Sibaran #655089 #LASM. I was working for Royal Caribbean International since June 12, 2012, before leaving the ship on December 8, 2016, for a medical reason. So far the company was treating me well until March 2017 and noticed that lately since the company had no more responsible for my treatment which I have accepted and dealing with my own case.

Let me mention that I loved my Job and driving myself to find a happiness with the place that I work. A different person that I met aboard the ship, which so much blessed for me and be able presenting who I am and travel around the globe and met a lot people from around the world which I can find only with my Royal Caribbean. So many experiences, felt in love, feel equal and a smile from people that I work with made my day! That I was expecting to be a part of it as long as I can do my work and hopefully will never get older, and amount of money that I made a monthly basis can help my family and goes for charity as well, since I thought how lucky I am as a person and God created to help people around to give them a happy smile, I miss that lately.

Back to medical situation I have been home more than 10 months and send all my lab test which per company requirement that I send it last month and proved that I will be back on board since it was definitely my medical condition goes well and ready to go back on board, I send my email to my case manager also cc my lab test to PEME (Pre Medical Employment) team, which spent me thousand dollars and I haven't heard anything! Am I sad or frustrated? Yes, this the email sent on September 23, 2017 "Good day:

I have sent your documentation to the internal medical management for guidance in the next steps in rejoining our team. Someone should be reaching out to you soon.

I have no idea about soon? It's almost a month? Honestly, this is something that makes me confused and feels I have been treated unfairly? Who I need to send email? PEME team, case manager? Dear all my ship friend I am not here to make a drama, I wish all of you never to be in my shoes, I love you all. The company should let me know honestly being not hiring me anymore so that I can have another plan! After all the company requirement, I send all the lab test, make a phone call from Indonesia to Miami (USA) which is not cheap. I guess will be considered to be back aboard? But it seems the world is being unfriendly and feeling discriminated. I hate posted something about private life! But it could help people to be aware.

Anyway, they reply my message earlier on January 16, 2018, and this is what I got from my case manager. Good Day, Thank you for your correspondence. You have been notified the determination has been made not to return you to work. Again, thank you for your previous service on our vessels. Not even mentioning my name!

Please share this. Thank you. Regards Tonggo Sibarani.