Letter from Silversea crewmember: Shore leave is denied, contracts extended

Nov 24, 2021

Crew Center received a letter from Silversea crew member who said that shore leave in ports is being denied since Silversea restarted cruises. On the cruise ship Silver Moon shore leaves for crew have been restricted since June 8th. Some crew members were only able to go out for 2 hours during tours to supermarkets or another spot when available. The crew member said that they only want the right to go out in ports and they will keep reporting until something is done by the company.

“Shore leave is still being denied. Other companies are allowing crew to go out, but not Silversea. The company doesn't communicate openly about why they are still holding our rights under their selfish criteria. Those ones who work shoreside don't have a clue about how things are here. As long as the numbers are going well, they don't bother.

Onboard management is saying that they don't know why or when things will get back to normal, some of them are a bit uncomfortable with the situation because it's not on their hands, of course.

Some of the crew knew before their embarkation that shore leaves were not granted. Others found out once onboard. But how can you sign off after 2 years of unemployment?

The lucky ones are resigning.

The environment is quite heavy. It feels like a floating prison. Contracts are longer since there aren't crew to replace the others. Crew mental health and wellbeing are overlooked. It seems that new hires are not being notified by the company about the shore leaves. They just found out once onboard. 

What will happen next? No clue.

Unfortunately, management doesn't do anything, but we will keep reporting until something is done."