Low Cost Seamen Airline Tickets For all Crew Members

Jan 20, 2017

The Travel Company SUNCANA VURA, offers special seamen tickets to all crew members working on cruise ship.


  • Send us an e-mail with your request: infosv@suncana.org
  • We will send you the best offer available: minimum connections and at low cost.
  • The ticket is then uploaded on www.suncana.org and we will send you PIN / tracking number to track the offer down via an MSA.
  • If you like the offer, you pay it at MSA, in cash.
  • Once the payment is registered, we will send the e-ticket to MSA, to you and onto www.suncana.org where the ticket is easily found with the use of PIN.
  • If necessary, we will send you the invoice for purchased ticket, so that you can have your money reimbursed by Carnival Cruise Lines.

If you are interested in booking a ticket press here.

24/7 service for any emergencies and special requirements


  • Taylor-made requests: if you wish to fly with a specific airline or wish to fly with a partner or friends, just let us know
  • We always see to it that 2 pieces of luggage are allowed and that they are on connected flights
  • REBOOKING WITHIN THE SAME CLASS FREE OF CHARGE All seamen tickets are refundable
  • Refunds are made through a bank only, with cca 30-40 USD difference in payment due to bank charges and exchange rate differences

In case of any difficulties at the airport, we are here for you: 24 h, 7 days a week service!

Seaman Airline Tickets Promotional fares

  • Europe - Miami from 460 USD
  • Europe - Bangkok / Manila / Denpasar from 570 USD
  • Europe - Sydney / Melbourne from 855 USD
  • Manila - Miami from 760 USD
  • Manila - Los Angeles / San Francisco / New York from 480 USD
  • Manila - Sydney from 470 USD
  • Houston - Manila / Jakarta / Denpasar from 515 USD
  • Jakarta / Denpasar / Bangkok - Sydney from 510 USD
  • Jakarta / Denpasar / Bangkok - LA/SF/NY from 545 USD
  • Jakarta / Denpasar / Bangkok - Miami from 770 USD

SUNCANA VURA is headquartered in Croatia and has a well-developed network of business partners in Europe and the USA. Founded in 2000, the company specializes in selling all kinds of air tickets, including seamen tickets, cruises, sport camps, organizing foreign language courses abroad, and hotel reservations.