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Meet the Royal Caribbean Champions

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Meet the latest Royal Caribbean International crew from around the fleet recognized as ROYAL Way Champions.



Eka (Pool Attendant) is an example of living the ROYAL Way. His infectious smile and bubbly personality were visible around the pool areas. With a keen memory for recalling conversations with guests, he creates memorable cruise vacation experiences. 

Arbawa (PAA) is a perfect example of being Passionate and Engaged. Arbawa was often seen taking time to chat with the guests, asking about their day and remembering their names. He even o¬ered his name if the guest ever needed help. Arbawa is ROYAL! 

Axel (Sports Staff) was observed delighting adults and children at the Rock Climbing Wall. Each guest was welcomed with a smile and made to feel welcomed. Alex was seen playfully interacting with the spectators when he had a moment. A ROYAL Champion!



Crismalyn (Barista) can be found at Café Promenade with a warm smile on her face. She is dedicated, professional and hard-working. She has an incredible memory and knows/ remembers/ acknowledges the guests even on the short cruises. Creating special memories and building solid connections. Great Job Crismalyn! 

Jayson (HR Manager) is leading the way on so many levels. He is a dedicated, hard-working and passionate leader who knows and shows respect to all of the crew onboard Liberty of the Seas. Jayson ensures our team members get what they need, have a healthy work/ life balance and is always available to support/listen when needed. Thank You Jayson! 

Margaret (Chops Grille) has worked with Royal Caribbean for over 27 years! She shines bright and has a very personable way of connecting with guests, showing genuine care while delivery top service. Thank You Margaret for your Commitment, Passion and Loyalty.



Misbun (Photo Staff) is dedicated, professional, and friendly. He creates positive memories for our guests who is very approachable and helpful when assisting all guests he comes in contact with. 

Ahlam (Youth Staff) is a shining star and fully commits to all of her duties. She is a wonderful Elite Royal Welcome Greeter who is e¬ortlessly knowledgeable and informative. She naturally lives the ROYAL Way with ease. 

Pallavi (Hotel Admin) is a powerhouse. Pallavi is professional, engaging, knowledgeable, reliable, supportive and respectful. Pallavi is hard working and a team player. She is dependable and considerate. Pallavi is the glue that ensures so much gets completed seamlessly. 

Jehu (Bar Staff) has a positive attitude, ensuring he always greets everyone by making eye contact and o-ering a smile. He builds relationships throughout the cruise and is always first to offer assistance to guests and teammates alike.

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