MSC Cruise Ships Collide in Buenos Aires

Feb 21, 2019

Two MSC sister ships collided at the Port of Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 20, 2019. The accident happened when the cruise liner MSC Orchestra lost control while maneuvering in the port and started drifting towards MSC Poesia which was moored at that time at the south dock. With a local pilot onboard and assistance from two tug boats, MSC Orchestra still managed to collide sustaining minor damage on the starboard side.

No injuries from the crew or passengers are reported. Damage to one of MSC Orchestra lifeboats located on Deck 7 was reported from the accident. The collision is under investigation to determine what was the cause. Weather conditions were near perfect so winds were not the cause of the accident.

As you can see from the photo MSC Poesia sustained only 'minimal, superficial damage.

msc poesia collision damage in buenos aires port

Video from the allision was posted online. The video is of low quality but you can clearly see the moment of the accident.

Thankfully this was a minor collision and both ships are well, MSC Orchestra is now in Punta del Este and the MSC Poesia is still in Buenos Aires as scheduled. 

Update: New videos of the accident posted by Noticias de Cruceros show that after colliding with MSC Poesia, MSC Orchestra had also minor collision with the dock, destroying the safety wheels placed on the edger of the pier.

A video by the port authorities has also been shared showing MSC Orchestra making sharp right turn maneuver, which is quite unusual.