MSC Cruises Hires 18-Year-Old Web Influencer and Youtuber as Young Ambassador

Jul 23, 2018

In order to attract the younger generation, MSC Cruises has contracted Luciano Spinelli, an 18-year-old teenage influencer, and Youtuber from Monza, Italy as a young ambassador. The youngster has 494.000 fans on YouTube and 1 million followers on Instagram and the idea is to share his passion for the web to youngsters on board the MSC cruise ships. This project aims to create innovative workshops designed to entertain families by creating multimedia content from their vacations. 

Creating series of entertaining and informative videos, Luciano will give Young and Teen Club audience suggestions how to take great photos for Instagram, tips on how to shoot perfectly scripted videos for YouTube, as well as tips on how to get around on the cruise ship MSC Musica. Participants will compete in a fun and interactive team game and test their creativity - as well as producing quality personal content and winning exciting prizes.

Matteo Mancini, MSC Cruises' Youth Activities Manager, said: "In MSC Cruises we want to give an absolutely unique experience to our young guests, which begins before they leave home and takes shape on board through the various innovative experiences dedicated to them and their parents. As a family-owned company, we work hard every day to make the most of every moment spent on board and on land and we are always looking for new challenges to create innovative activities with the aim of entertaining children and parents on board our ships. We know how important it is for families to capture the special moments spent together with photos and videos, and we hope that these fantastic classes of 'social media' can inspire them."

These days in order to reach out targeted audience many cruise lines hire web influencers who have a large group of followers. Last year Dream Cruises invited Naomi Neo a 21-year-old blogger from Singapore to promote their latest cruise ship World Dream. When she was 18, she already had a few titles (Youtuber, blogger, Instagram influencer) under her belt, and over a million followers on the social media. Here is her video onbGentingeting Dream viewed more than 700.000 times.